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Re: NFS Mount error - 8.99.51 - ***new

Chavdar Ivanov <> wrote:
>NFS server - 8.99.51 amd64, /etc/exports contains:
>/home/sysbuild/release -maproot=0:10 -network 192.168.0/24
>NFS client - an hour ago it was 8.99.50 from about a week ago and worked
>fine, I was able to NFS mount the release directory and perform the
>usual sysupgrade dance.
>Now the client and the server run exactly the same NetBSD version:
>uname -a
>NetBSD tarkus 8.99.51 NetBSD 8.99.51 (GENERIC) #49: Sun Jul 21 14:17:51
>BST 2019 
>If I try to mount the same directory, now I get:
>~ mount /mnt/release
>mount_nfs: bad MNT RPC: RPC: Authentication error; why = Client
>credential too weak
>and it never exits or mounts anything.

Default /etc/group doesn't have anything for group 10, have you added it ?

What do you have in /etc/fstab for /mnt/release ?

I have updated some NFS clients to 8.99.51 but not done an NFS server

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