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zfs panic


TL;DR: is zfs on -current more stable than in 8.1?

i just gave zfs a try on NetBSD since I do use it on some my other machines - that is openzfs on osx.  And I really do like that.
On 8.1 this is quite disappointing in many ways.
I looks like only Version 4 is supported and thus leads me to the impression that this is based on ancient Solaris/Illumos code and not on openzfs.
But the real problem turns out to be that it crashes my machine (x86_64) when doing serious work.
In my test case I wanted to do a pbulk on a dedicated zfs volume (mirror with two ssd on an mfi controller).  After chrooting into what mksandbox delivered i tried to edit a file using vi.  that crashed the machine (no /dev/pty0 from what I recall).  On reboot the machine went into a reboot loop when mounting the zfs filesystems. until I destroyed the zfs volume.
all information i could gather is:
Jul 14 10:28:31 zappa savecore: reboot after panic: panic: rw_vector_exit,451: uninitialized lock (lock=0xfffffe8292235678, from=ffffffff80ad03de)
Jul 14 10:28:31 zappa savecore: system went down at Sun Jul 14 10:25:17 2019 
That was probably from the vi session since the following crashes didn’t dump any core.

Any guidance appreciated ;-)


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