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Re: recurring tstile hangs on -current

	hello.  If I were looking at this issue, I'd be looking at the perl
process stuck in bioloc, to see what it's doing.  As I understand it,
processes stuck in tstile are a symptom, rather than a cause.  that is, any
process that is waiting for access to some subsystem in an indirect manner
will show as waiting in tstile, rather than the actual thing it's waiting
for.  Perl, on the other hand, is in bioloc, short for biolock I assume, and
my question is why?  If you can clear that process, I'm thinking everything
else will spring to life and begin working again.

Just my 2 cents.

On Jun 28,  9:42pm, Thomas Klausner wrote:
} 28391 pbulk    117    0    33M 6240K bioloc/0   0:00  0.00%  0.00% perl

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