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device-specific "vdpau" support?

Some time back I asked about what provided device-specific "vdpau"
support after seeing a message from 'mplayer' about not finding
"" when detecting the video capabilities of my
intel-graphics-equipped system.

I was informed that "vdpau" support was part of Mesa.  With the import
of the shiny new Mesa (and accompanying LLVM build overhead), I had been
expecting to see such device-specific goodies become a part of the xorg
sets in -current.  It appears this is not the case.

I tend to worry when I see messages about missing libraries, even if
there is a fallback to do without them.  Is there some performance
benefit being missed, or some other capability that can't be leveraged
due to the missing library?  Or does it tend to be too small to be worth
the effort of including the device-specific support?


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