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Re: recurring tstile hangs on -current

Thomas Klausner <> wrote:
>I've set up a new machine for bulk building. I have tried various
>things, but in the end it always hangs in tstile.
>First try was what I currently use: tmpfs sandboxes with nullfs
>mounted /bin, /lib, ... When it hung, the suspicion was that it's
>nullfs' fault. (The same setup works fine on my current machine.)
>The second try was tmpfs with copied-in /bin, /lib, ... and
>NFS-mounted packages/distfiles/pkgsrc (from localhost). That also
>hung. So the suspicion was that tmpfs or NFS are broken.
>The last try was building in the root file system, i.e. not even a
>sandbox (chroot). The only tmpfs is in /dev. distfiles/pkgsrc/packages
>are on spinning rust, / is on an ld@nvme. With 8 MAKE_JOBS this
>finished one pkgsrc build (where some packages didn't build because of
>missing distfiles, or because they randomly break like rust). When I
>restarted the bulk build with 24 MAKE_JOBS, it hung after ~4 hours.

Is a bulk build trying to make packages in parallel ?

If so, then I'm guessing that the multiple instances of cp(1) are
putting the package tarball into the same directory somewhere.

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