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Re: Does IPv6 on athn(4) work?

from: Masanobu SAITOH:

>  While modifying Ethernet multicast's code, I noticed that
> athn.c doesn't modify the multicast filter. Does IPv6 on
> athn(4) work?

> Index: sys/dev/ic/athn.c

I have a motherboard from 2013 by MSI (MPOWER) that has an onboard athn (Atheros 9271) wi-fi chip, (quasi-)USB.

It has worked sporadically in the past on NetBSD, but now and for some time causes the boot to hang unless I disable athn through userconf.

I never thought to look in sys/dev/ic .

If this is updated, I'd like to try on amd64 and i386 current to see if this wi-fi chip can be made to work under NetBSD.

Just for comparison, no support at all in FreeBSD.


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