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Re: st(4) and mt eom

Frank Kardel wrote:
Hi Adrian!

I just finished implementing the EOM fix. On SPACE(EOM) a READ

done and current file number is set to the number of filemarks since BOT

which is what we need.

on a 10 file taoe (LTO6) both commands

mt fsf 64

mt eom

now return a current file number of 10.

no additional changes to mt like adding a locate command are needed,
Though adding LOCATE might also be an option to be added separately for
mt even if it does not help with bacula at all as bacula uses the MT
ioctls directly and not via scripts.


I'd really like to have this feature, having recently moved to LTO5 and been forced to sit through bacula going one file at at time.

So what happened? Are there patches? Will there be a pull-up to -8?

_DenverCoder9, what did you see?_ - xkcd (wisdom of the ancients)


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