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Re: Pinebook and NetBSD 8.99.39

On 2019-05-14 14:59, Ron Georgia wrote:
I just received my new 1080P 11inch (27.94 cm) Pinebook. It was
pre-loaded with Ubuntu and KDE. While I like KDE, it seems a bit
heavy. Ubuntu is ... ok, but I would rather have NetBSD and LXDE or
Mate. I attempted to install NetBSD but ran into some problems. Most
likely due to my incomplete understanding (see tag line below).


1. Is there a way to make the keyboard a standard keyboard?

Have you tried power cycling it ? I have seen the same problem a few

2. Once booted, now do I "reflash" the internal drive to boot NetBSD
without having to boot from the micro SD card?

Just write the same image to the eMMC device that you put on the SD card, it
will resize on first boot.

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