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looking for testers - usb serial drivers

hi folks.

i'm making a bunch of changes to our usb serial drivers and i can
only test a handful myself.  there are 15 or 16 parent drivers to
ucom(4), and while i can test umcs(4), uplcom(4), uchcom(4),
ufdti(4) and umodem(4), i can't really tested any of:

	- u3g(4) 
	- ubsa(4)
	- ugensa(4)
	- uipaq(4)
	- ukyopon(4)
	- umct(4)
	- uslsa(4)
	- uvisor(4)
	- uvscom(4)

additionally, moscom(4) looks obsolete.  anyone use it?  can you
please try using umcs(4) instead?  uhmodem(4) is not enabled
anywhere anyway and may not work.  hopefully i can find the
device that is a umodem(4), so tester for that would also be nice.



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