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Re: panic in ffs_init_vnode(?) (Thomas Klausner) writes:

>I had a panic on 8.99.37/amd64 (kernel from a couple hours ago) last
>night, usual setup: pbulk with 2 sandboxes on tmpfs, probably high
>memory pressure, perhaps one of the standard daily/weekly cronjobs

>Here's the panic message from syslog after reboot:

>Apr 22 03:17:47 yt /netbsd: [ 12474.7581028] WARNING: SPL NnOeTt bLsOdW:EpRoEoDl O_Ng rToRwAP+ 0ExXdI6T 
>Apr 22 03:17:47 yt /netbsd: [ 12474.7581028] 6 0

That's one or more CPUs failing with SPL NOT LOWERED (usually a mutex
that hasn't been released) and one CPU trying to allocate a buffer,
probably looping over pool_grow().

>Reading symbols from netbsd.gdb...tardone.
>(gdb) target kvm netbsd.136.core

The core seems to be damaged.

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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