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GLX swrast failure


On a VirtualBox guest running amd64 -current as of 2-3 hours ago with
the builtin vboxvideo driver I get now:
[    87.285] (II) AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI2 capable
[    87.327] (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of
/usr/X11R7/lib/modules/dri/ failed
(/usr/X11R7/lib/modules/dri/ Undefined symbol
"_ZN4llvm19RTDyldMemoryManager6anchorEv" (symnum = 342))
[    87.327] (EE) AIGLX error: unable to load driver swrast
[    87.327] (EE) GLX: could not load software renderer
[    87.327] (II) GLX: no usable GL providers found for screen 0

and swrast 3D doesn't work (not that I use it generally under Virtual
BOx, but it used to work).


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