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Re: panic in sysmon_envsys_unregister() (Christoph Badura) writes:

>Testing yesterday's current on my ThinkPad W500 I get:

>uvm_fault(0xffffd1e2324a95c0, 0x0, 1) -> e
>fatal page fault in supervisor mode
>trap type 6 code 0 rip 0xffffffff806ca727 cs 0x8 rflags 0x10286 cr2 0x11
>ilevel 0 rsp 0xffff898067a41d90

>This is caught by QUEUEDEBUG.

>This is the relevant code in sys/dev/sysmon/sysmon_envsys.c:sysmon_envsys_unregister()

>	TAILQ_FOREACH(edata, &sme->sme_sensors_list, sensors_head) {
>		sysmon_envsys_sensor_detach(sme, edata);
>	}

That is not caught by QUEUEDEBUG but caused by QUEUEDEBUG.

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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