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Re: ATF t_mlock() babylon5 kernel panics

In article <>,
Robert Elz  <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost> wrote:

Great debugging :-)

LGTM, at this point I'd merge them:

static int
round_and_check(const struct vm_map *map, vaddr_t *addr, vsize_t *size)
	const vsize_t pageoff = (vsize_t)(*addr & PAGE_MASK);

	*addr -= pageoff;

	if (*size != 0) {
		*size += pageoff;
		*size = (vsize_t)round_page(*size);

	if (*addr + *size < *addr)
		return ENOMEM;

	// Make range_test() take const map as it should have in the first place
	return range_test(map, *addr, *size, false);


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