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Re: zsh crash in recent -current

In article <>,
Chavdar Ivanov  <> wrote:
>On amd64 -curent from yesterday (and a couple of days earlier) I
>started to get zsh crashes when tab-completing  (files, directories,
>packages), similar to
>Core was generated by `zsh'.
>Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
>#0  0x00007cf050211540 in permmatches () from
>(gdb) bt
>#0  0x00007cf050211540 in permmatches () from
>#1  0x00007cf050208b7c in ?? () from /usr/pkg/lib/zsh/5.7/zsh/
>#2  0x00000000004550d5 in getstrvalue ()
>#3  0x0000000000456085 in ?? ()
>#4  0x0000000000456f67 in getindex ()
>#5  0x0000000000457557 in fetchvalue ()
>#6  0x0000000000471da6 in ?? ()
>#7  0x0000000000476ab7 in prefork ()
>#8  0x0000000000476f42 in singsub ()
>#9  0x000000000042057c in evalcond ()
>#10 0x0000000000421f49 in ?? ()
>#11 0x000000000042bbb8 in ?? ()
>#12 0x0000000000429a88 in execlist ()
>........ (several repeats of the above snippet).
>Rebuilding zsh did not solve it. I have been usiing the latest version
>- 5.7 - since it became available in pkgsrc, under -current, and have
>never had problems before; the user zsh environment hasn't changed for
>a while. It is not impossiible that some of the files in this
>environment is damaged, so I will recreate it from scratch and retry,
>but wanted to mention it in case someone else has seen similar.

You've been probably bitten by jemalloc, and I am guessing it is probably
some memory corruption... You could try linking with -lgnumalloc and see
if you can get it working again.


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