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Installing on MacBook Air 2010 - hangs on install boot

I am trying to install NetBSD-current on my 2010 Mac book Air; however, it hangs on booting from USB drive. Of course, I see the USB EFI drive by holding down the option key after power up. If I select the normal boot it hangs with this being the last printed line:
[1.0836119]pci0 at mainbus0: configuration mode 1

When selecting NO ACPI or NO ACPI, no SMP the last printed line before hanging is this:
[1.0578911] root device:

There is a whole slew of nouveau0 errors, like
pci:init failed -22
init failed -22
kern error: nouveau: DRM 00000000:00000000 init failed -22
nouveau0: unable to attach DRM

I did burn a CD and booted NO ACPI and NO ACPI, no SMP
It ended with a db{0} prompt. The keyboard was locked.

The probed video card is NVIDIA MCP89

Ron Georgia
“90% of my problems are due to ignorance, the other 10% is because I just don’t know any better.”

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