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re: README: gcc 7 switch coming to a port near you!

matthew green writes:
> Andreas Gustafsson writes:
> > The sparc testbed is panicing with "init died" when booting the INSTALL
> > kernel since the gcc 7 switch.  Logs at:
> > =
> >
> all.log
> actually, i'm fairly sure this is _not_ gcc 7.  i can repeat
> this failure with gcc 6 or gcc 7, and it appeared sometime
> after january 19 -- i had my ss20 booting gcc 7 from that
> era tree, but when i updated to sometime after the module
> compat branch merge (not that i'm blaming it!) it started
> to hang again on me.
> thanks for reminding me about it.
> can someone have a look?  even run some bisect?  i'm still
> busy with other gcc 7 related issues...

i did a couple of quick tests, and i may be wrong about this
not being gcc 7.  unfortunately, i'm having slow build issues.

stay tuned for more.


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