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re: xsrc build broken for most platforms.

matthew green writes:
> hi folks.
> the build is broken for a bunch of platforms in xsrc due to the
> xorg-server update that is in progress.  mostly, older drivers
> need to be updated for this.
> the only know to me working port currently is shark.  i'll be
> fixing these asap, but it may be a day or so.

OK, this should be mostly working now.  i've had successful
builds on i386, amd64, ofppc, shark and sparc64 so far, and
performed basic testin on i386, amd64 and shark.

i'll be pushing additional fixes in if more breaks are left
(there are maybe a few drivers that aren't built by the above
set of platforms.)

please feel free to send-pr or email me with questions.


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