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Re: current - latest suspend tests T43 - T30 - R51

Hi Brett,

Brett Lymn wrote:

Yes, they are ps/2.  The pckbc1 is the i8042 keyboard controller device which handles both keyboard and mouse for ps/2.

The trackpoint should show up as a separate pointing device but it seems a lot of people are not seeing it show up, there must be something in the driver that is stopping it from being identified.  I will have a look at that and see if I can work something out.  Unfortunately, I don't have a trackpoint so it may take a bit of fumbling to get this right.

ready to test stuff.. debug, run debug kernel (although I don't yet b uild kernels on this machine, I think it has enough power and disk space to do, in case)

The original point is: the pointers are dead when resuming from sleep, also the touchpad which "shows up"


PS: BSD rocks.

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