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Re: mfii0 kudos to bouyer@ Was Re: dmesg | grep -c "not configured" = 240...

On 30/11/2018 08:50, Stephen Borrill wrote:

I cannot easily attach drives to it (it has external ports only, and I would need to drag it to our datacenter to connect it to something). Let's see what Mike Pumford's PCI IDs are.

Wasn't able to check as I need to take a live USB stick in as the current system disk in that system is broken (its an ex-devtest box) and I forgot to pick it up. :( Will try again on Monday but from what I an remember all LSI SAS3 chipsets have a totally different driver to the SAS2 and SAS cards.

I do have the ability to hook it up to a wide variety of disks though.


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