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Re: ThinkPad - suspend-to-RAM intel-x86 issues and tests

Hi, wrote:
For general context, suspend does work on -current. I tried on an older
(No driver disabled, but I tried from r/o root in an installer)

Unfortunately my shinier machine is a pain to suspend. I might end up
giving up.

at least it works for somebody :) It works for me (mostly) also on my amd64 Laptop. However, except for video issues, suspend works also on my T43, so basically suspend works also on x86.

I am confused that disabling drivers does not help. One of the few drivers I did not disable (of course) are pci and ide! ANd I need a keyboard too for minimal tests...

Other possible suspects?


PS: Do the install CDs or netinst CD's have ACPI enabled? Or do we have some sort of Live CD? Since using an USB key to boot proved not feasible to test without isntalling, if I had a CD image, Ic ould try at least on one or two devices more where I could even compare against another OS.

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