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Re: racoon2 IKEv1 is working!

In article <>,
Chuck Zmudzinski  <> wrote:
>I have been experimenting with racoon2 since I learned of the new 
>patches to make it compile successfully on current.
>It is possible to make an IKEv1 L2TP/IPSec connection through a NAT 
>device from a Windows 10 client to a NetBSD current VPN server starting 
>with the recent patches by Christos to the current branch of 
>pkgsrc/security/racoon2 package and adding one more small patch (apply 
>after extracting and applying existing patches for the package but 
>before building and installing):
>--- pskgen/    2005-09-16 06:52:20.000000000 +0000
>+++ pskgen/
>@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ EOD
>      exit 0;
>  }
>-require '';
>-do Getopts('rs:o:di:he:d');
>+require Getopt::Std;
>  $output = '-';
>  $output = $opt_o if ($opt_o);

I will apply it.

>Racoon2 is still rudimentary, but it is now functional (see attached log 
>snippets showing a successful connection below). Next is to try and get 
>it working as a server for IKEv2 connections. This would be a BSD 
>licensed solution for IKEv2 that racoon does not have.

We should make a list of the stuff that is missing.

>It is not necessary to include the little patch shown in Christos' June 
>13 message to iked/isakmp.c:751 to get it functional. But to fully 
>install the package and to be able to generate a pre-shared key file 
>that is compatible with racoon2, it was necessary to update the pskgen 
>perl script to a supported version of perl5's getopts function, as shown 
>in the aforementioned patch.

I will apply that.

>It was also necessary to tweak the configuration files quite a lot, and 
>I plan on patching the sample configuration files so they are closer to 
>what actually works in today's world and making them available in the 
>near future.

Yes, I found that too; I had too comment out:
	kmp_sa_lifetime_time 600 sec;

We should update the default config files to sane defaults, and also
make the configuration mismatches print better diagnostics in debug mode.
I have patches for that.

>Some of the gotchas that need to be solved to get an IKEv1 connection 
>working using racoon2:
>1) If you are using a pre-shared key for the phase 1 authentication, you 
>need to generate it with the pskgen perl script that is installed with 
>the package and usable after applying the aforementioned patch. Without 
>doing this and trying to create the psk file with an editor such as vi, 
>there will be a newline character appended that invalidates the key. You 
>can use pskgen to strip away the newline character so the key will 
>exactly match the peer's key.

I think I am going to make the parser eat the newline; this is stupid.

>2) The sample configurations don't have anything close enough to what 
>will work for a transport mode IKEv1 connection to a modern client, even 
>if NAT traversal is not needed. The proposals of the samples and default 
>configuration do not result in successful matches with the proposals of 
>a default Windows 10 client, so those proposals need to be tweaked in 
>the configuration files to more closely match what modern clients will 


>3) For NAT traversal in transport mode, which is the mode the built-in 
>Windows and IOS L2TP/IPsec clients use, in addition to turning on port 
>4500 in racoon2.conf, as mentioned in the racoon2.conf sample 
>configuration file, it is necessary to add selectors for the NAT 
>original addresses to the configuration.

Ok, we should add this to the exampless

>4) I have not yet tested multiple connections or roaming connections 
>from any IP address, but according to the documentation it should be 
>able to be configured for the "road warrior" scenario. Also, I noticed 
>the hook scripts were not working as expected and when disconnecting 
>only the outgoing phase 2 security association was deleted and I had to 
>delete the incoming phase 2 security association manually using the 
>setkey tool. I was able to use the ph1-up script to start the L2TP 
>service, but I had to start it from the ph1-up script instead of from a 
>script in the ph1-up.d directory. I also had to manually stop the L2TP 
>service after disconnecting.
>It looks like Christos' recent patches successfully interface with the 
>new openssl 1.1 API on NetBSD current which appear to be incompatible 
>with openssl 1.0.x on NetBSD 7, so this package will not work on NetBSD 
>7. It looks like NetBSD 8 does not have the new API yet so for now I 
>think this only works on NetBSD current.

So this is tricky, and too late in the game to do something this
intrusive.  It is simpler to pull up the compat changes from head:
In current the openssl.old headers support the new API so we just
need to pull them up to -8 and test them...

>Are there plans to upgrade NetBSD 8 to the new openssl? If not, it might 
>be possible to get racoon2 working on NetBSD 7/8 by reversing some of 
>the recent patches that were added to support the new openssl on NetBSD 

That would be difficult right now. It is better to pull up the modified
all openssl headers that support both 1.1 and 1.0. I've submitted the changes
to the openssl folks so hopefully the next 1.0 release will be forward

Thanks for working on this. I think it would be good to either import this
in base eventually, but for now perhaps putting on github will help to
have many people work on it to improve it?


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