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Just built a -current/amd64 kernel "by hand". make depend && make gives me:

ar crs libcompat.a `NM=nm lorder compat_exec.o kern_exit_43.o kern_info_43.o kern_resource_43.o kern_sig_43.o tty_43.o uipc_syscalls_43.o vfs_syscalls_43.o vm_43.o if_43.o kern_info_09.o kern_xxx_12.o vfs_syscalls_12.o vm_12.o kern_sig_13.o uvm_13.o kern_sig_16.o rtsock_14.o vfs_syscalls_20.o kern_time_30.o vfs_syscalls_30.o uipc_syscalls_30.o vfs_syscalls_40.o uipc_syscalls_40.o kern_50.o kern_time_50.o kern_select_50.o rndpseudo_50.o rtsock_50.o vfs_syscalls_50.o uipc_syscalls_50.o uvm_50.o kern_sa_60.o tty_60.o kern_time_60.o kern_cpu_60.o ccd_60.o rtsock_70.o uipc_usrreq_70.o sysv_msg_14.o sysv_shm_14.o sysv_sem_14.o sysv_ipc_50.o sysv_msg_50.o sysv_sem_50.o sysv_shm_50.o | tsort -q`
making sure the kern library is up to date...
make[1]: don't know how to make __buildstdlib. Stop

__buildstdlib doesn't ring a bell - any clues?



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