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Re: Automated report: NetBSD-current/i386 build failure

The build is still failing as of source date 2018.,
now with the following error messages:

--- dependall-kdump ---
In file included from /tmp/bracket/build/2018.,
                 from kdump-ioctl.c:23:
/tmp/bracket/build/2018. error: unknown type name 'kmutex_t'
  kmutex_t *ifq_lock;
In file included from kdump-ioctl.c:23:0:
/tmp/bracket/build/2018. error: unknown type name 'kmutex_t'
  kmutex_t *ifq_lock;

Looks like this latest error was introduced by the following commit:

  2018. mrg src/usr.bin/kdump/mkioctls 1.51

The build has now been broken in four different ways within 24 hours,
without a single successful build inbetween.

If would be helpful if developers could (a) compile test their changes
with a full release build before committing, (b) fix or revert their
commits quickly if they nonetheless turn out to break the build, and
(c) wait until the tree is building successfully before committing
unrelated changes, so that those changes can benefit from automated
Andreas Gustafsson,

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