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Re: How to boot in UEFI mode: practically no documentation

On Jun 1,  7:37pm, Robert Nestor wrote:
} When I install on a disk using only what is needed for UEFI
} booting the system wont boot.  When I add the BIOS boot files
} (boot and bootxx_ffsv1) the system boots, but only if I disable
} UEFI boot capability. (On my system UEFI takes precedence and so
} it will load the NetBSD kernel which then fails to run.  It gets
} an error attempting to obtain information from the EFI tables I
} think, at least thats what the error output seems to indicate.)

     What is the actual error?

} As far as I can tell use of GPT wedges is separate from the style
} of boot in NetBSD, unlike Windows where the two are tied together
} (at least thats what I was told).

     Somewhat.  GPT is part of the UEFI spec.  NetBSD does have a
way to boot via BIOS on a GPT disk.  However, I wouldn't be surprised
if GPT was required to be able to boot via UEFI.

} Not sure if the non-working UEFI boot is generally known or if
} a PR has been filed though.

     Maybe, maybe not.  Hard to tell since you haven't any remotely
useful information here.

}-- End of excerpt from Robert Nestor

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