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Problems with netbsd-8 RC1 and ixg drivers (?)


At the weekend I tried to update to a current version of netbsd-8 rc1.

After the restart, the kernel will work for a few hours. After that, no packets will arrive at the network card. The server is running normally. No hints in dmesg.

Some network programs report issues:

zebra[371]: rtm_write: write : No buffer space available (55)

syslogd[541]: recvfrom() unix `/var/run/log': No buffer space available

gate zebra[1423]: routing socket error: No buffer space available

Hardware is an HP G5 with an Intel PRO/10GbE NIC.

After the downgrade to the old kernel from Fri Feb 16, everything is stable again.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Can I test any things to narrow down the problem?

Thank you for your efforts


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