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Re: Recent spew into SRCDIR from

    Date:        Sun, 6 May 2018 13:44:22 -0400
    From: (Christos Zoulas)
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Sure, but I don't see this...

It might depend on options to ... I use:

env -i \
                "PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin" \
                "USER=$USER" \
                "HOME=$EMPTY" \
                "LOGNAME=$LOGNAME" \  
                "DISPLAY=$DISPLAY" \
                "MAKECONF=/dev/null" \
        /bin/sh "$@" \
                        -m "${ARCH}"                    \
                        -D "${DEST}"                    \
                        -O "${OBJD}/${REL}/${ARCH}"     \
                        -R "${SNAP}"                    \
                        -T "${OBJD}/${REL}/tools"       \
                        -X "${TARGET}/src/xsrc"         \
                -u                                      \

where "$@" typically might have -o or -x or similar (in the cases in question
it has -o as all the objdirs are built already, and I don't need x built for 
what I am trying to test) and $BUILDING is "distribution" or "release" (or
sometimes just empty I think - it will be "distribution" for current tests).

$EMPTY is a new mktemp'd directory (in /tmp) which, as its name suggests,
is empty...  not sure if that is still needed or not, but there was a time 
(long ago now) when somethig in the build wanted HOME to be set, and
failed without it (probably in NetBSD 4 or 5 days ... I have just kept that
ever since - that DISPLAY is there is for a similar reason.)


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