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Re: LVM tutorial and snapshots

On Apr 30, 12:43pm, "D'Arcy Cain" wrote:
} On 2018-04-30 11:14 AM, Michael van Elst wrote:
} >> "Write snapshot driver -only skeleton was written yet."
} > 
} > That's the problem. While a few bugs have been fixed, edges have
} > been smoothed and userland tools have been updated, the mirror target
} > (base for mirrors, snapshots and moving of LVs) is still missing.
} So is it not ready for a production system then?  Is it solid except for
} those items?

     I've been using LVM on many systems for a very long time.  It
is completely solid.  The biggest problem is missing features.  An
annoying problem is that it doesn't properly handle large disks
(there seems to be a 32-bit overflow somewhere), however you can
simply tell it the size of the disk and ignore the funny error
messages.  Within the limits of missing features, it is perfectly
useful for production.

     I mostly use it to provide backing store for Xen domUs, but
I also use it for regular file systems as well.  I've even done,
lvextend followed by resize_ffs a number of times.

}-- End of excerpt from "D'Arcy Cain"

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