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Re: netbsd-8 tests failing/hanging

On 26.12.2017 19:13, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> Hello
> for some time all netbsd-8 tests are failing with timeout
> (see
> The last few lines are:
>     regs1: [0.093365s] Passed.
>     regs2: [0.092676s] Passed.
>     regs3: [0.104725s] Passed.
>     regs4: [0.110799s] Passed.
>     regs5: [0.104740s] Passed.
>     resume1: sorry, pid 17080 was killed: orphaned traced process
> this is from lib/libc/sys/t_ptrace
> any idea ?

I will request sync of ptrace(2) tests from -current with -8.

This will mark known to be faulty tests with appropriate flags.

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