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Re: What's with pkgsrc and checksums?

Hello Tom,

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo writes:
> Ah, "make distinfo" in the relevant pkgsrc directory.  That works; it
> makes /usr/pkgsrc/mk/checksum/checksum claim that the checksum is wrong
> (and it also disagrees with the checksum algorithm the distfile claims
> has been used), but the actual "make patch" process works.

The main difference between `make mps' and manually invoking sha1(1) is
that the RCS $NetBSD$ keywords are deleted in the former, and hence why the
SHA1 checksum differs.

> I'll just squeeze my eyes tightly closed and use it.  Thanks!  :)

Apart what Joerg said and - depends on the use case - probably
LOCALPATCHES can be quite useful as well and IMHO handier.

For more information about it please give a look to `make help
topic=LOCALPATCHES' (you can just create a directory to store all
your local patches, set it via `LOCALPATCHES' in your mk.conf and
then put your patches in `${LOCALPATCHES}/<category>/<package>/...'
without needing to modify the distinfo).

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