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ATF tests hanging


After these commits:

  2017. pgoyette src/share/man/man9/module.9 1.39
  2017. christos src/tests/lib/libc/sys/t_ptrace_wait.c 1.14
  2017. christos src/tests/lib/libc/sys/t_ptrace_x86_wait.h 1.3

the i386 tests on b5 started hanging at the lib/libc/sys/t_ptrace_wait:resume1
test case.  Then, after these commits:

  2017. christos src/lib/libc/sys/sched.c 1.5
  2017. christos src/sys/kern/kern_stub.c 1.44

they started hanging in a diferent place, at the
lib/libc/gen/posix_spawn/t_spawnattr:t_spwanattr test case.

The output from the latest reported hang is at

and the problem is still there as of source date 2017.,
whose test run has already hung but not yet timed out.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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