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Re: Remove fortune quotes attributed to or providing admiration of Adolf Hitler [pr bin/52735]

On 11/19/17 20:48, Rhialto wrote:
>> I still think that we should remove offensive quotes, and if people
>> cannot agree on it, all of fortune.
> It isn't even so much that they are "offensive" as such. It is just that
> out there in the Real World, you Simply Do Not Quote Adolf Hitler, at
> least not without embedding it in proper historical context and making
> absolutely clear that we're talking about a really horrible person, etc
> etc. Those are all things way outside the scope of fortune(1), so those
> quotes have no place there.

   I have never encountered an adult to whom I had to explain that
Hitler was a horrible person.  In fact, his name is kind of
semi-uniquely tied to the attribute of being a horrible person.

   And if I were to encounter such a person, I think there's something
wrong with them which removing Hitler quotes from the NetBSD fortune
database will not fix.

> Why this is so difficult to understand for intelligent persons, I don't
> know.

   I think you may better understand it if you consider that "Hitler was
bad" is always the default context, regardless of whatever the isolated
quote from him is.

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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