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Re: Possible regression in wm(4)?

On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 11:31:59AM +0900, Kengo NAKAHARA wrote:
> Hi,


> > But still no traffic.
> Oh...., the dmesg is as expected, but the behavior is not.
> Hmm, sorry, could you give me the following information?
>     + "intrctl list" result on NetBSD-8
>       - before trying traffic and after it
>     - full dmesg on NetBSD-8 which boot with "-xv" option
>     - full dmesg on NetBSD-7 (which boot -xv if you can)
>     - "acpidump -dt" result

Most of this you can find in
The n8 directory contains the output of the original NetBSD-8
kernel, not with any of the patches.  If that was not your plan,
please tell me.

Not the intrctl output yet, since I only have NetBSD-7 userland.
Building that userland now, so that too will be there in a little


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