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A usb webcam which works on other systems isn't recognised by NetBSD-current:

uvideo0 at uhub1 port 7 configuration 1 interface 2: Logitech (0x46d) product 0821 (0x821), rev 2.00/0.10, addr 5
uvideo_stream_init: error getting vs interface: INVAL (4)
uvideo_attach: error initializing stream: INVAL (4)
uvideo_attach: error: INVAL (4)

This appears to come from usbd_device2interface_handle()

    774 	if (ifaceno >= dev->ud_cdesc->bNumInterface)
    775 		return USBD_INVAL;

Could it be something like this camera has a microphone, which therefore
presents an interface which isn't a visual one?



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