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Re: -current 'groff' build failure on -7 and -8 hosts?

On Sat, 14 Oct 2017, scole_mail wrote:

> problem was, but if I remember correctly I got around it by removing all
> the obj/ dirs including tools dir, and made sure
>  src/external/gpl2/groff/dist/src/preproc
> didn't have any leftover auto-generated files.  I think I just

Since I keep my kernel configs and some local patches in the tree, I
get a lot of:

  ? foo/bar/baz/QUX

so I don't usually pay attention to it.  This time I scrolled back and

  ? external/gpl2/groff/dist/src/preproc/eqn/eqn.cpp

>  rm -rf  src/external/gpl2/groff/dist/src/preproc/*
>  and then
>  cvs -q update -dP in .../preproc

I was more drastic and nuked all of "src/external/gpl2/groff" and
updated again.

Rebuilding in progress...

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