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Re: ssh, HPN extension and TCP auto-tuning


> </etc/sysctl.conf>
> # Improves TCP performance significantly with ssh.
> net.inet.tcp.recvbuf_auto=1
> net.inet.tcp.sendbuf_auto=1
> net.inet.tcp.sendbuf_max=16777216
> net.inet.tcp.recvbuf_max=16777216

Thanks for the suggestions, and I've done some initial
adjustments with beneficial results.  I was a bit more
conservative and went for a 1MB sendbuf_max / recvbuf_max.

One thing I didn't see was any corresponding adjustment of
kern.sbmax; doesn't it also need to be as large as you want the
TCP window to be able to grow?

Best regards,

- Håvard

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