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Re: iscsi-initiator no longer compatible with librefuse

> On 2017-08-26, at 02:47, Michael van Elst <> wrote:
> (Sverre Froyen) writes:
>> The changes to librefuse last year require changes to iscsi-initiator. This is because of argument changes for fuse_main. The symptom is a "fuse: no mountpoint specified” error. Has anyone looked at this?
> Probably not. Is there a reason to use that iscsi-initiator? The in-kernel
> one is much better.

The only reason was that I discovered the iscsi-initiator/iscsi-target version first and they worked fine. Now, a quick test of the in-kernel version results in a stream of

	sd0(iscsi0:0:0:0): QUEUE FULL resulted in 0 openings

after a few seconds of stress (performing a "cvs update -dP” on the netbsd-7 branch). It this point, the machine is non-responsive until a reboot. Light use seems to work OK.

My setup is as follows:

NetBSD-current VM running on a MacBook Pro OS X 10.12.6 under VMware Fusion.

10 GB filesystem image file on the Mac containing netbsd-7 served up using netbsd-iscsi-target from pkgsrc (yes, iscsi-target is running on the Mac).

Previously I’ve used this setup extensively with iscsi-initiator and vnd on the NetBSD VM.

I can always use NFS to provide the filesystem image files to the NetBSD. It’s only about 10-20% slower but, for some reason, iscsi appeals to me as a cleverer solution.


PS I was able to fix the fuse_main args issue by adding a conditional

	opts.mountpoint = *argv;

in fuse_main_real. This makes iscsi-initiator start up. However, attempting to use the remote file causes a hang in the read system call (perhaps another args change).

PPS I notice that iscsi_initiator installs in /sbin whereas librefuse is in /usr/lib. Seems like iscsi_initiator (and iscsi_target?) should be moved to /usr/sbin.

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