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Re: Fixing swap1_stop

On Aug 17,  9:36pm, ("Ian D. Leroux") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Fixing swap1_stop

| >   | 
| >   | MY_MOUNTED_DEVICE=$(mount -F %d)
| > 
| > Sure (not exactly that I don't think, as without some arg to mount,
| > you'd get all of them listed)
| That's actually a problem, thanks for bringing it up.  You could have
| the formatted-output facility emit quoted representations, but then it
| wouldn't be able to represent the default output format (which is an
| ugly sort of inconsistency).  
| I'm off the net for the weekend, but I'll probably take a crack at this
| next week.

You can use %'d to add quoted descs, but in this case

mount -t foo -F '%d\n' | while read d; do

should work unless the mount directory contains \n.


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