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netbsd-current: major bump of libi386

Hi current-users, port-i386.

If you are using NetBSD-current on i386, you may want to know that
libi386's major number was increased following the removal of functions:

  i386_vm86: for virtual 8086 mode (kernel code removed)
  i386_pmc: hardware performance counters (now only functional for
  some amd64)

The primary user of libi386 is libpciaccess, used by Xorg.
libpciaccess doesn't use the removed functions, but it expects the file
'/usr/lib/' to exist, and the new one will be called

If you remove the old library version via postinstall, you will need to
rebuild libpciaccess.

for pkgsrc/modular Xorg, you will need to rebuild: sysutils/libpciaccess.
for base Xorg, it is part of xbase.tgz.

amd64 has the library too, but it is not used by libpciaccess on it.
This is only relevant for NetBSD-current.


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