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Re: Fixing swap1_stop

In article <>,
Ian D. Leroux <> wrote:
>For the last year or so I've been carrying a set of local patches
>to /etc/rc.d/swap1, /etc/defaults/rc.conf and the attendant
>documentation.  The patches stop swap1_stop from blindly unmounting
>a tmpfs-mounted /dev/while the system is still running multi-user.  I
>was about to submit a PR to try to get the patches into the tree (so
>that I don't have to tip-toe around them every time I update my base
>system) when I discovered that ... I already did: bin/51019.
>The development of the patches is discussed in the thread starting at:
>Could someone take a look and let me know what still needs to be
>improved before they can be committed?  I'd like to get this sorted out
>before I go looking for more windmills at which to tilt ...

Why not just skip /dev?

echo -n "Forcibly unmounting tmpfs filesystems:"
mount -t tmpfs | while read tmpfs on dir rest; do
        case "$dir" in
                echo -n " [skipping $dir]"
                echo -n " $dir"
                umount -f "$dir"
echo "."


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