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Re: Dark screen with nouveau

On Thu, 27 Jul 2017, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:

> That probably is the case - I tried live system on a desktop with a
> Quadro 600 card and it works just fine. It seems something is bothering
> the nouveau driver in the older cards.

The card is recent enough to be PCIe rather than PCI/AGP/PCI-X.  I
mentioned your result to my brother and he noted that the Quadro line
are apparently high-resolution workstation graphics devices and not
especially new themselves.

I don't know what my brother has on order, but it will be interesting
to see how it behaves once it arrives and is installed.

I'll take it upon myself to bisect taking your 7.99.42 20161120 date as
a starting point.  As all other machines with NVidia graphics to which
I have access are likely to be similarly equipped to the machine I tested,
it would be nice to find out what broke them and fix it.

(My only two other NVidia graphics experiences so far are an HP dv2000
laptop that has so many problems that it basically can't run NetBSD at
all and an HP desktop system that is grokked by NetBSD-current w/nouveau,
but it thinks the display is 1024x768x8 and nothing I've tried will
convince it otherwise (and produce a working display).

FWIW, the HP desktop system normally runs Linux Mint w/nouveau and works
extremely well.  The HP dv2000 laptop runs Linux Mint with the NVidia
blob driver.)

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