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mtree oddity

Copied a 2.7T raid5 partition to another raid5 using pax -rw -pe
The machine was accidently rebooted possibly uncleanly during this time (days)
I restarted with pax -rw -pe -k
Suspecting that there was probably a difference because of the reboot,
mtree -c -K sha256  on the old
mtree -f... on the new

The output included

        size (433, 3023)
        sha256 (0x1537948455b13638fa118c82a963b3d4c86b01d12da2894a26f5ddc1ebba7777, 0xd4338c898c7d19e60441d27fff15b1816394ed599460bbb95ad9006bc54407c5)

I thought this must just have been the file that was being copied during
the reboot, however, there is no sign of a size 433 file with that sha256
anywhere(!) The two files are identical. The question then is where
the mtree -c run got size 433 from...



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