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-current/8.0_BETA panics net4501 on boot

Just tried 8.99.1 and 8.0_BETA on one of my Soekris net4501 boxes.

It panics with:

fatal privileged instruction fault in supervisor mfatal double fault in supervisor mode
trap type 13 code 0xc0117205 eip 0x8 cs 0x246 eflags 0xc0149a3d cr2 0 ilevel 0x8 esp 0xc0338f20
curlwp 0xc033da40 pid 0 lid 1 lowest kstack 0xc04902c0
kernel: user trap double fault, code=0
Stopped in pid 0.1 (system) at  8:      invalid address

Attempting to get a backtrace in DDB instantly reboots the machine.

Last successful boot of -current on this machine was on 18 April 2016

NetBSD 7.99.27 (NET4501_JDB) #1: Tue Apr 12 14:53:37 CDT 2016

So that gives me the starting point for bisection.

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