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revival of pc532 which used port-pc532@ )

Hi NetBSD people
Old public hardware architecture PC532 first ran Minix, Mach, then NetBSD
& had 2 lists & both lists dead now.
New + old people are focusing looking to maybe make
more PCBs, re-assemble old code inc PLA Eproms, boot disks, assembly
ICs, & contact people who may need/ donate/ sell/ buy components
or complete PC532 machines.  If you know people who had a PC532,
or bits, please forward to them, Thanks.

Please don't reply to me privately, join new list & reply there, Thanks:

Julian Stacey, Computer Consultant, BSD Linux Unix Systems Engineer
 Reply below, Prefix '> '. Plain text, No .doc, base64, HTML, quoted-printable.

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