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Re: HEADS-UP: /bin/sh memory management bug fixes committed

    Date:        Tue, 20 Jun 2017 04:59:57 +0000
    From:        "Thomas Mueller" <>
    Message-ID:  <D5.B9.01815.9CBA8495@dnvrco-omsmta03>

  | One barrier was package security/sudo,

Works for me (well, builds for me) on amd64.

However, I think the errors that you are seeing are the kind of thing
that typically happens when you have specified one of the directories
(particularly OBJDIR or its pkgsrc version, which I think is WRKOBJDIR)
as a path that includes symbolic links.

That is not permitted - or perhaps better stated - it simply does not

cd -P to your pkgsrc OBJDIR (WRKOBJDIR) (top of the tree), run pwd
(or /bin/pwd, though they should be the same if you are using the NetBSD
shell as your login shell) and use whatever it tells you as
the setting in /etc/mk.conf.

The same might be needed for some of the other directories related to
pkgsrc that are specified there, like DISTDIR and PACKAGES, perhaps
even PKGSRCDIR and PKG_DBDIR,perhaps LOCALBASE as well or PREFIX)

As a simply solution - make sure no directories specified in /etc/mk.conf
contain any symbolic links, anywhere in their values, used the "real"
pathnames instead.   (Humans never need to see these things, you can
still refer to them by the friendlier names in other places.)

  | I don't know if this would do any better on amd64.

It works for me, but unless your config is different there, probably
not for you.
  | I suppose I could try editing the PLIST and then "make install"?

No, don't do that.

  | But then I guess this belongs on a new thread on pkgsrc-users.
  | I don't really think this is the fault of /bin/sh any more.

No, nor do I.   Though why not see if you can fix it first, and then
if needed, ask there where people who know pkgsrc much better than I
do (barely at all) will be able to help.


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