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Re: building a kernel "the old way"

On 05/24/17 17:35, Robert Swindells wrote:
Christian Groessler <> wrote:
with "old way" I mean not using

I don't use to build kernels but use a workflow inbetween
it and the old way that you describe.

I cross build the tools for whatever target architecture I want using


% cd src/sys/arch/macppc/conf
% /path/to/macppc-tools/bin/nbconfig GENERIC
% cd ../compile/GENERIC
% /path/to/macppc-tools/bin/nbmake-macppc depend
% /path/to/macppc-tools/bin/nbmake-macppc

You could probably look in the nbmake-macppc shell script to work out what
extra environment variables you need to set in order to get your way to
work but I think there is still the chance of a mismatch between the host
tools and the -current source tree.

I'm not cross-compiling here. I'm trying to build a macppc kernel on a macppc host.

My installation was done by cross-compiling on amd64 (using, then installing on the Mac.

After I had verified that it basically works, I compiled it again (the whole system, using on the target Mac.
This is the version which is currently installed.

So I think the tools should be good and matching.

Also, my amd64 development machine is so much faster than anything else
that I always cross-compile kernels anyway.

My amd65 machine is also way faster. That's the reason I first compile a version there to verify that it's "good". But then I compile it again on the Mac. This is a good test that it's basically "stable".

But now I just want to compile a modified kernel to check something out. But the nice, simple, way I was using
in older times doesn't work anymore :-(


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