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Re: re0 watchdog timeouts


Soren Jacobsen wrote:
On 05/16 12:27, sc dying wrote:
>Is the condition at line 1919 of ic/rtl8169.c inverted?
>It should be `!=' to make it act as before patch when
>RTKQ_IM_HW is disabed in if_re_pci.c.
Good eye.  Fixed.

timeouts are now gone for me too, first important thing! I did stress-test with cases that triggered the issues reliably before.

Regarding performances, I am not sure, I did some informal tests transferring files with samba and it peforms about the same, maybe a little bit slower. I only get about 8MB/sec. However I recently did also a samba pkg upgrade, this is not meaningful. If needed I will do better tests comparing on the old kernel.


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