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Re: re0 watchdog timeouts

> Hauke Fath wrote:
> > messages, and network access ground to a halt with a 02 May 7.99.71
> > kernel. No re0 related messages after reverting if_re_pci.c to v1.46.

> I instead found that sys/dev/ic/rtl8169.c has the issue
> I have identified the breakage date of the file
> 2017-01-01: fine
> 2017-02-21 :  Works fine
> 2017-04-20 : broken
> Riccardo

I updated NetBSD-current beginning about May 2 and also noticed "re0 watchdog timeout" messages on one computer (Intel Sandy Bridge).

This was with i386.

I was running "cvs up -dP -A" at the top of the src tree.

cvs update kept going to the finish, but seemed to take a long time, maybe because it was the first update since last August.

I first updated NetBSD installation on the other computer, Intel Ivy Bridge, but there the NetBSD 7.99.71 kernel hung (custom kernel) and immediately rebooted (generic kernel), both amd64 and i386, so re0 Ethernet support didn't come into play.

I copied the kernels, generic and custom, i386 and amd64 from Ivy Bridge computer to Sandy Bridge computer via NFS.

When I found to my surprise that the custom kernels booted on the Sandy Bridge computer, I installed the userland via NFS: successfully with i386, failed with amd64.

Host build system was NetBSD 7.99.1 amd64.

Now I wonder how the Ethernet re0 driver will fare on Ivy Bridge computer if the bug that makes the kernel fail to boot is fixed before the bug in sys/dev/ic/rtl8169.c .

FreeBSD also has some problems with Ethernet re driver, at least on some versions of the Realtek 8111/9168/8169 chip.


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