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Re: Sets much smaller than they used to be?

So I built successfully with 

 ./ -O ../obj -T ../tools -j 6 -U -m ia64

with that, there was no obj/ directories in the src/usr.sbin/
directories, everything was now in ../obj

scole@dstar:~/nbsd/cvs> ls src/usr.sbin/mrouted/obj
ls: src/usr.sbin/mrouted/obj: No such file or directory

This seems to imply that -M or -O and/or -T is now required for  The behavior definitely changed in the last week or so, as

./ -j 6 -U  -m ia64 release

used to work, creating obj/ directories in every dir, e.g.,
and object files and exe's were built in there.

Hope this helps others,

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