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Re: kern/52056: mount -u / causes a kernel assertion

On Sat 11 Mar 2017 at 08:00:54 +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
> Given all that, the best might be to basically copy the FreeBSD setup,
> though I think I would prefer if
> 	mount -u <filesys>
> with no command line options at all (which currently means mount rw,
> and disable any other mount options previously set, on NetBSD and FreeBSD,
> and would be a "convert to rw, leaving all other options on OpenBSD)
> was instead treated as if (in FreeBSD syntax)
> 	mount -u -o fstab <filesys>
> was given, so this (just mount -u) becomes an easy way to simply set the
> filesys mount to the way fstab says it should be.

Hm, personally I would expect that an "update" option would only update
the options  specify, and leave ALL others unchanged. So the "-o
current" syntax would be the default.

MAYBE a special case could be made in case only -u is given and no other
options, that then the fstab options are used, but the "-o fstab" syntax
to make that explicit seems better to me.

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