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Re: npf bug(?)

On Thu, 6 Apr 2017, Christos Zoulas wrote:

| Thanks for the patch. For me it works very well.

Well, the question is do you need it? I.e. why don't you let the v4
traffic flow through npf? Is it a performance issue or doesn't npf
do reassembly correctly?

I'm not sure if the reassembling works properly. After a few hours the statistics showed over 7000 failed reassembly but only 1296 fragments with 1104 reassembled. I find these numbers unusual. I also know no way to check if the reassembly works correctly. So I would like to disable packet reassembly.

| Is this a special solution just for me or will the patch be part of the
| current kernel.

Special, but we can consider adding the functionality in a more general
way if it is needed.


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